My toddler loved this activity. And my other Kindergarten students too.

An interesting way to Learn Numbers. And make your own Caterpillars.

I would suggest to go for alternating colors and and fill the caterpillar.

This activity will not only help recognising numbers but also will help kids to understand the quantity of the number. They would be observing that for bigger numbers the size of the caterpillar keeps increasing and caterpillar becomes larger and larger.

What you will get?

This is the worksheet you will be getting.

How to do this Activity?

There are 3 ways to do it.

-My son simply preferred to paint it in alternate colors of yellow and orange with his brush.

-You may prepare some cotton balls along with some clothespins to hold, with the help of which children may color the caterpillar.

-Or if your kids likes fingerprinting, go for it and paint the town, sorry, Caterpillar Green.

Download Here

Download the FREE activity sheet from my store here.

Hope your kids also enjoy the activity as mine did.

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