Toddler’s Origami

Origami, as called in Japanese, is the art of Paper Folding that develops beautiful things out of just a regular paper. The name and art finds its origin in Japan. ‘Ori‘ in Japanese referss to ‘folding’ and ‘Kami‘ refers to paper.

Origami for kids helps them in many ways. Not only do they develop their gross motor skills, it develops their brain’s thinking capacity. It develops confidence in kids, develops their imaginative skills.

This art does not require any preparation. It’s a NO PREP, 0 dollar craft.

Here are some of my videos, where you can find some easy peasy origami for your little ones and kids.

An Origami Bunny

A Drinking Cup

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An ex-ISRO Scientist, a math, music and art and craft teacher, a mentor, and now a mother to a toddler, exploring various avenues for a healthy life and happy family.