25 Science Experiments for Kids

Science Experiment for Kids

Children are always curious. With no schools, or staying at home makes them even more hungry to satisfy their inquisitiveness and knowledge. Kids like to explore and find out about new stuff. They are energised to learn new things. And as parents it’s our duty to channel this energy towards the right direction.

Amid the lockdown, as we are not being able to go out and explore or play, I have included a STEM Experiment daily in my little one’s routine to learn about as Everyday Science.

Scroll down here for the huge list of Easy Peasy experiments that can be done easily at home and unlock new realms of the scientific world for our little ones.

Note: Before performing any of STEM Experiments or Activities, always make sure that it is being under adult supervision, wither parents or teachers.

STEM Experiments for Kids

List of STEM experiments & activities for kids.

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