Easter Activities for Kids- Math Egg Puzzles

Easter Activities for Kids

On the theme of Easter, I have created these math Egg Puzzles for kids from Kindergarten or Preschool upto grade 5 & 6.

The Egg Puzzles can be a super fun activity in your Math classes or at your Homeschool. On the theme of Easter, kids can enjoy, understand and learn.

What do this activity consists of?

Its a 40 page printable in 6 different sets of variety of matching games with Numbers and Number Names

  • Set 1 – Count and Match
    In this activity the 2 parts of an egg will be given to the kid. The top part of the shell will have the number written on it. And another part of the same will have same number of objects in the bottom part of the shell. So, both these parts of all the eggs from the printable given, should be cut and jumbled and given to the kids.

    Now kids are required to match the same top part of the egg shell to its bottom part of the egg shell.

Note: The unique way of this printable is the egg in this printable is (which also serve as the hint for the kids) is the top and bottom parts of egg shells have a unique shape to match other. So, a top part of the egg will have only one matching bottom part which will also have the same number of the objects as would be written on the top part of the shell.

  • Set 2 – Number 1-20
    Here kids need to identify and match the numbers with their correct spellings, formations, locations and many more ways. The unique cutting on each egg helps them to check whether they are matching the correct pieces together or not.
  • Set 3 – Rhyming Words
    This set consists of Rhyming words of the Number Names. This is for some creative element of Math.
  • Set 4 – Addition Puzzles
    2 versions of these are available
    • Additions upto 25
    • Additions upto 100

Depending upon the grade and understanding of the kid, you can choose which version to give him/her.

  • Set 5 – Number Position Puzzle
    Now , in this interesting Unique Egg Puzzle kids are required to match the Number Position on the 1-100 chart shown in the bottom half of the egg to its corresponding number written in the top half of the egg.
  • Set 6 – Identify the Number Puzzle
    In this Egg Puzzle, the kids learn to build two digit numbers using Blocks and Rods. Kids are required to identify and match the number shown with Base 10 Number building Blocks bottom half of the egg to its corresponding number written in the top half of the egg.
    Instructions provided.

What do you require?

  • A PDF Reader
  • A color Printer [Preferable]
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Zip Lock Pouch or a folder (to store pieces later)

How to do?

Step 1 – Download the printable by clicking the button below and grab Easter Sale Discount.

Step 2 – Take a color print. [Laminate if possible]

Step 3 – As, demonstrated on Page 1 on every set, using a pair of scissors cut the egg in 2 halves along the line.

Step 4 – Once pieces are cut from all the pages, jumble all the pieces together on a tray and give them to the kids and ask them to match the numbers with their correct spellings so as to complete the Number Eggs.

Step 5 – Have Fun 🙂

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