Alphabet Pumpkins – 3 in 1 Halloween Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten

I have created this October’s Pumpkin’s Alphabet Activity on the theme of Halloween.

This activity helps improve

  • gross motor skills,
  • letter recognition skills,
  • analytical skills &
  • problem solving skills.

Activity 1

In this activity the kids match the missing alphabets from the Halloween Pumpkins to their respective alphabet letter cutouts.

Kids may use the shapes as cues, or the objects on the pumpkins as the phonic cues to search for the missing alphabets.

Activity 2

Another activity which can be done with these Alphabet Pumpkins is with some play dough.

Once the laminated cards of the pumpkins are made you can ask the kids to make these alphabets with some play dough.

Activity 3

Once you have the laminated cards you can use these cards as Trace and Wipe Cards as well. All you would need are some colorful markers & Halloween Alphabet Tracing activity is all set.


You can visit and download it at my TeachersPayTeachers Store

or go directly to Halloween Alphabet Puzzle Matching Activity here

Hope you have fun too.

Happy Halloween 🙂

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