I LIKE HEARTS – February Preschool Rhymes

Poems and Rhymes are always the best and an easy way to catch the kids’ attentions. Kids are always fascinated by the music of it, tunes of it and like the rhythm and rhyming words of it.

Here are the lyrics and words of a very famous Kindergarten Rhyme of “I Like Hearts”, written by Nellie Edge. You can sing it in the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars”

I Like Hearts
– Nellie Edge

Red Hearts, White Hearts
Pink Hearts too.
I love Purple Hearts,
What about you?

Green Hearts, Yellow Hearts
Blue Hearts too.
I love Rainbow Hearts,
What about you?

I have created the following Posters in a way to be easily read by toddlers and little kids. I am gonna put them on my board here in my class. Depending on the background color of your boards or walls choose your fav version of the posters.
Don’t wait, go ahead and download these Posters and hang it around for your little ones to enjoy and learn.


Click on the button below to download all the above shown versions of these creative posters.

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