Chicks Shapes Sorting Puzzle

Kids loves Animals, kids love matching and kids love SORTING.

This activity not only will teach kids the basic Shapes but also will enhance their

  • problem solving skills,
  • motor skills
  • cognitive analytical skills and
  • build their confidence

So, here is the Math Center where these tiny tots would have to apply some mind, do some thinking and match and complete these little Chicks.

5 Activities Included:

★ Cut & Paste of all Shapes’ Chicks
★ I Spy
(Trace shapes)
★ Clip Cards
★ Posters
★ Make a Book
(Trace Names of Shapes)

How to do?

You will get the following 3 activities in this.

Activity 1

  • The cut outs which are to be cut are given in the bottom half of the second sheet. Give the cut outs and the first half of the sheet to the students. [Laminate the sheet to improve its durability.]
  • Students will have to match and paste each baby chick to its corresponding figure to complete the chicken. [In case the sheet is laminated you can use velcro dots].
  • The name of every shape is also written in capitals below it.

Activity 2

  • Find the hidden Shapes of the Chicks
  • Trace the Shapes with a Marker.

Activity 3

  • Cut out the individual Clip Cards
  • Lamination is optional
  • Ask kids to identify the Shape of the Chick shown on the card and Clip the right Shape

Activity 4

  • Use the Posters to hand around on your display Wall or Boards.

Activity 5

  • Make your own Book of Shapes.
  • Trace the names of the Shapes. (Upper & Lower Case both)

Shapes included

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Oval
  • Pentagon
  • Circle
  • Trapezium / Trapezoid
  • Star
  • Heart
  • Diamond / Rhombus

It can be a fun activity for Easter Theme too.


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Hope you enjoy this task.

Have a great day.

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