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During these lockdown times with schools and restaurants, diners shut down everywhere and kids at home, even a working parent has becoming a homeschooling parent now. I know how hard it is to manage the entire house, food with your kids and your pile of office work or personal work. Hence I have this list of some interesting tasks you can do with your lot at home.

A list of hundreds of resources & activities which kids can do at home staying indoors.


More than 100 Crafts Stick activities are here. Crafts sticks can be used for making so many amazing things and learning.


Just with some Paper Folding, one can create amazing stuff. Whether an animal, or a bird, you can build flowers or balls. Origami is not paper folding Art, but its also a fun part of analytical geometrical Math too.

Again origami can improve finger muscles, build fine motor skills in kids.

There is also another variation of making these paper crafts called Kirigami. You can make beautiful, wonderful amazing patterns using Kirigami. It is used to make paper snowflakes during winters and Christmas time.

Do Yoga

Good for body and mind. Sit for a full family yoga session. You can take help of many available guided meditation programmes or yoga programmes available online. This not only will improve our health but also can help to stay calm and with peaceful minds.

Click here to find out the best ways to indulge your kids in Yoga with interesting tasks & games.

Board Games

Board Games, Card Games or solving Puzzles are another way to stay put and be occupied while having good fun together with your family or friends. It will not only exercise some grey matter of your brain but also develops coordination and good team spirits among the family.


You can nowadays get digital printables of huge collections in TeachersPayTeachers site. Math, Science, English or Spanish, from literacy centers to math centers, Board Games to Task Cards, Rhyme Posters to story based activities or plethora of unimaginable fun stuff. Everything can be found here.

STEM Experiments & Games

I have included 1 STEM Experiment or Game per day with my toddler in our timetable of lockdown times. I pick activities and experiments which require only minimum things like water, sun or light or optical illusions or with papers.
Stay in touch and follow my Youtube channel for more.

Some ideas right out of my head are:

  • Balloons and Air Pressure
  • Rainbow Spinner for Spectrum Colors
  • Walking Water
  • Coded Messages with Wax or Lemon inks.
  • Playing and Exploring Magnets
  • Light & Optics

Online Classes

This pandemic might revolutionalize the entire education system after this. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Here we are with not only with teachers and schools coming up with different innovative ways to connect with their students but also companies and tutors world wide going online and take classes.

Even the internet giant Google has Google classrooms to support this. Going digital in and out of classrooms too.
You can find my list of such resources, youtube channels and more here.

Educational Videos

Trust me, internet is now full of resources. And they are not all bad and waste of time.There are some really good and educative resources too in mobile apps or on online channels.

You can find my list of such resources, youtube channels and more here.

Explore Hobbies

Now hobbies can not necessarily be outdoor hobbies only (camping, fishing, skiing, sports). They can be indoor also. Even if you have bot tried till now for your kids, you can sit with them to explore what they like to do at home.
I know my 4 yr old son like to solve puzzles or build rockets. Wait a minute, are those the traits of a Rocket Scientist. Whoa!!

Anyways, explore yours now.. the list may go on….

  • Singing
  • Playing any musical instrument
  • Dancing
  • Drawing / Painting
  • Quilling
  • Pottery
  • Creative Writing
  • Making Crafts
  • Baking
  • Gardening
  • Knitting
  • DIY
  • Furniture making
  • Organising your Rooms

More ideas to come. Stay connected.

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An ex-ISRO Scientist, a math, music and art and craft teacher, a mentor, and now a mother to a toddler, exploring various avenues for a healthy life and happy family.