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The scare of COVID-19 has taken over the peace and routine of our lives.
Amid the scare of Corona Virus (COVID-19) everywhere, it becomes difficult to keep our thinking straight and calm and distraction free.

So, when I have been trying hard to get some sanity and positivity around me, I landed up with this.

My favorite song ever – Do Re Mi from the movie Sound of Music with a Corona Virus COVID-19 Twist. A must watch. It has already got over 29 million views in YouTube.

Stay Calm Posters

Now use them as a wallpaper on your phones or desktop. Or print them out and paste it around. Or just spread the word and share it among your family and friends or just make it your WhatsApp Status or add it your Instagram or Facebook Stories. Use it however you want. Just stay Healthy, Calm and Sane so that you can think straight for yourselves and for your family & take right decisions when needed.

Hence, I have made these posters to help us Stay calm and Think straight. We should stay in positive vibes and good energies which will happen only if we stay in our minds.

To deal with it and stay calm, you can go ahead and download these Posters & Infographics for FREE for my TPT Store.


Download them for FREE by clicking the button below

and Spread & Share the positivity as much as you can.

Remember, only collective positive vibes and positive energies can overcome situations like this. Not collective fears.

I request all of you reading this post to not to spread unnecessary and fake messages to your friends and family. Rather spread good thoughts and positivity.

May these help.

Keep Calm and Stay Safe.

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