Balloon Helicopter

Here is one of the favorite games of my son, which he always liked to play at home. And the beat part of this game is things you require to play this game – which is noting but just a simple balloon.

I am sharing this post along with the video here today

My son has named this game as Balloon Helicopter.

Here’s the video of the game in action by me and my son. Though the video is in Hindi right now, but soon I would be uploading an English version of the same.

Things Required

  • Only a Balloon

How to Play:

  1. Just blow up the balloon.
  2. Don not tie it or seal it.
  3. Just carefully pass it to your toddler or to your kid.
  4. Now ask him/her to just release their fingers form the neck of the balloon.
  5. And see the magic.

What just happened

….is that when you released the balloon, the air with which the balloon was filled started to go out the balloon, exerting some pressure on the balloon , which now acts like rocket thrust; forcing the balloon to fly in the opposite direction.

Want more..

You can find a more enhanced version of this Balloon Straw Rocket idea.

Video Credit: 10minutesofqulitytime

So, go ahead and have some Balloon Helicopter fun.

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