Healthy Eating Role Play Board Game for Kids – Let’s Go Shopping

Here’s is a simple and yet very loveable Board Game for kids. Suitable for all ages, starting from preschoolers or toddlers to higher grades, everyone would like to play this game definitely. My 4 yr old loves to sit and play this with his Grandpa.

As the trying times are upon us right now, healthy eating and building immunity is a MUST. Now with limited supplies in supermarkets and with restaurants, diners & cafes closed, everyone and esp. kids should learn the importance of vegetables and fruits we eat.
And what can be a better way to teach them than a GAME itself.

Kids enjoy doing role plays so let’s cultivate these good habits in their games too.

So, here’s what I have made. With this simple no-prep board game, kids can learn what all are essential nutrients for our body and what one should to eat to boost them.

How to Play and all the Instructions and things required to play this are already provided.
Its an absolutely no-preparation-required game. Can be played at home with siblings or family.

How to Play

  • To prepare first cut out the Objects on the Shelves like this and Spread them out.
  • Now Print & Cut as many Shopping Trolleys as the number of players.
  • Now Print & Cut the Shopping List Cards. (Cutting them out is Optional)


  • Learning about Healthy Eating of various Fruits & Vegetables
  • Learning about Vitamins, Minerals & their Nutrition Values
  • Differentiate between Healthy foods & Junk foods.
  • Educational Benefits of Shopping
  • Promotes Imaginative Play
  • Encourages Observational Skills
  • Encourages Discussion
  • Develops Personal & Social Skills
  • Develops Matching & Memory Skills


So, what are you waiting for. Click here to download this wonderful game and have a good time with your kids imparting these life skills and crucial knowledge to them.

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An ex-ISRO Scientist, a math, music and art and craft teacher, a mentor, and now a mother to a toddler, exploring various avenues for a healthy life and happy family.