This is a Thanksgiving special FUN Math Center Numbers Activity suitable for Homeschoolers, Preschoolers, Pre-K, and Kindergarten to Class 1 kids.

It’s also an absolutely minimal preparation activity.

What you will get:

This activity printable has 2 main sheets to be print out. Once you download the file, you can take as many prints of it as you want.

Things Required:

  • PDF reader & Print out of the pdf file.
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Glue [Optional]

In this activity children are required to recognize the number on the given Turkey and paste as many feathers on it as the number on it.

How to Play:

One can do this activity many ways, depending upon the time and availability of resources and the number of kids.

Game 1: (1 child)

  • Cut out all the feathers and place them in a tray.
  • Place a number turkey on the table.
  • Now ask your kid to identify the number and count and place as many feathers on the Turkey as the number written on it.

You can also use a timer to make it more interesting.

Game 2 : (with more than child)

  • Divide all the children in 2 teams.
  • Place the Turkey Cutouts and sufficient number of Feathers Cutouts in different trays for each team.
  • Now start a timer & ask the kids to pair all the given Turkeys with the same number of feathers on it as the number written.

The team which finishes FIRST & CORRECTLY wins the match.


Download this FUN Game Thanksgiving Game printable here:

Hope you and kids have fun.