Make A Turkey Preschool to Class 1 Activity

This is a Thanksgiving special FUN Math Center Numbers Activity suitable for Homeschoolers, Preschoolers, Pre-K, and Kindergarten to Class 1 kids.

It’s also an absolutely minimal preparation activity.

What you will get:

This activity printable has 2 main sheets to be print out. Once you download the file, you can take as many prints of it as you want.

Things Required:

  • PDF reader & Print out of the pdf file.
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Glue [Optional]
  • Marker or Pencil [Second Activity]

Activity 1

In this activity children are required to recognize the number on the given Turkey and paste as many feathers on it as the number on it.

How to Play:

One can do this activity many ways, depending upon the time and availability of resources and the number of kids.

Game 1: (1 child)

  • Cut out all the feathers and place them in a tray.
  • Place a number turkey on the table.
  • Now ask your kid to identify the number and count and place as many feathers on the Turkey as the number written on it.

You can also use a timer to make it more interesting.

Game 2 : (with more than 1 child)

  • Divide all the children into 2 teams.
  • Place the Turkey cutouts and sufficient number of Feathers cutouts in different trays for each team.
  • Now start a timer & ask the kids to pair all the given Turkeys with the same number of feathers on it as the number written.

The team which finishes FIRST & CORRECTLY wins the match.

Activity 2:

Here you can use wither the given feathers in the pdf file or feathers or paper cutout of your own and ask the kids to place them or paste them on the turkeys and trace the number’s spellings.

The spellings of every number is given in English Capital letters, and the one to be traced in Capitalized Case.


Download this FUN Game Thanksgiving Game printable here:

Hope you and kids have fun.


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