Now when X-Mas is around the corner why not indulge ourselves in some Chritsmas Crafts and let the spirit of X-Mas take over our activities. I have already started X-Mas Crafts with my toddler here. Now here’s some list which I found very useful in doing so.

Twigs Eco Friendly Christmas Star Craft

Why not make a star out of these naturally available stuff !

Glittery XMas Tree Star

A perfectly geometrical star built right out of easily available Glitter felts or foam sheets.

XMas Star Crafts

List of Christmas Crafts

Easy to make and hang in garlands, inspired by this site here, you can build these stars with just Cardboards and strings.

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Another easy Christmas Tree decoration can be this super cute and easy to make XMas star.

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Another great DIY Star Ornament with nothing but a string or yarn or even paper strings.

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One of my personal favorite Christmas Craft, which requires absolutely nothing but paper is this 3-D Christmas Star. One can make it as big as they want or as small as they want depending on the square sheet they choose.

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For this star garland all you need some foam and yarn of color of your choice.

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This beautiful Twine Star Christmas Tree Topper is a real heart throbber.

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Another beautiful twine star and other decorations is here.

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Now moving on to next very famous Christmas DIY Craft – Snowflake.

Snowflake Crafts

Lets hang around some snowflakes on window sills or mantles or on the walls. Or make a garland out of them. Here are some easy to make Snowflakes coming your way.

Now moving on to Chritsmas Tree CRAFTS, lets see what we have got!

Colorful Popsicle Trees

DIY Pine Cone Xmas Tree

and some more…

Christmas Tree Crafts

Not just cardboard or felt there are many many ways to make sweet and nice XMas tree decorations.