No Preparation Cut and Paste Shape Puzzle – CAT Craft

Look no further. You have reached the most amazing beneficial printable’s section for your kids. Here, I have created some useful Math Geometry’s Shapes Crafts for every teacher or parent to give their kids a challenging but yet interesting work to do.

These printable sheets can be easily be carried along in a file folder. The shapes can be cut and carried easily.

What are Cut and Paste – Shape Crafts?

Shape’s craft is a fun way of introducing shapes to kids. Using this easy craft, children can build their own animals using variety of shapes. Overlaying the shapes on one another or beside each other can result in a variety of amazing figures. With this DIY not only they understand shapes but also differentiate among variety of shapes and hence developing their cognitive and analytical skills.

What do these printable consists of?

These are awesome animal downloadable printables which one can easily take print on A4 sheets and ready to go. The printables consists of CAT figure made with variety of colourful basic simple shapes.

All the bundled printables has 3 sheets to be printed. They consists of:

  • the colourful animal (to be used as hint for kids)- Sheet 1
  • silhouette of the animal figure- Sheet 2
  • the different shapes to be cut – Sheet 3

Note : The sheet 1 animal has to be used as reference only. It is a hint for the child if the child is stuck at some point.

What do you require?

Materials required:

  • Colour printer
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • A sheet of paper (Pastel sheet/Chart/A4 paper)

Colour Printer

Once purchase and downloaded, all you need to have is a colour printer and some A4 sheets. If you have these already at home you can take these prints of the bundle of printables easily otherwise you can take these prints outside or at any place/ internet cafe wherever colour printer is there.


The “Sheet 3” consists of the shapes to be cut. You can use any simple pair of scissors to cut along these different shapes.


Use of glue is optional. You would require to use glue to stick the cut shapes on a base paper or on the silhouette sheet, i.e. “Sheet 2”.

Base paper

A base paper is also optional. A base of a simple chart or a pastel sheet or a cardboard can be preferred. Once the kids understood how to make the animal using the silhouette trace sheet 2 they can transfer the shapes to their chart and stick those shapes and make their own animals.

How to use the printable sheets?

Step 1 – Once purchased and downloaded, you can print these PDFs using any colour printer on A4 size sheets. These sheets and shapes are easy to be carried also.

Step 2 – With the help of a pair of scissors, now cut the shapes from sheet 3. and keep them ready for your kids.

Step 3 – Once your kids are ready, explain about this new challenging activity. You can say, “hey, today let’s see how, with simple shapes of circles, triangles, squares and rectangles we will create amazing animals out of them.”

Step 4 – Take Sheet 1 of any of your preferred set and now show it to your kid. In case if he/she is not aware of the animal, explain about this animal to him/her, may be examples he has seen or has heard in rhymes/songs/stories. [This will help kids to relate better].

Step 5 – Now give your kids Sheet 2, and ask them to place the cut shapes and match them with the dotted shapes and try to replicate the Sheet 1 figure.

Step 6 – Now whenever a child gets stuck somewhere, you can show him/her the original Sheet 1 picture again, and ask them to try again now.


You can purchase and download this CAT Shapes Activity here.

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This is a NO PREP activity. Everything needed is bundled for you. All you would need is a pair or Scissors.

Build your own animals with ease and confidence while LEARNING and USING the basic Shapes.

A Fun and Creative way because - Children loves animals and Children loves Shapes

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