300 Crafts For Kids To Make

Kids Crafts

Here is the list of over 300 crafts which you can do with kids at home. With simple easy and limited resources, you can engage your kids in some brain storming craft activities.

Or make them do yoga and silent sitting to be calm and regulate their energy.

I have also added my list of 2020’s best online education websites, youtube channels for kids to learn and see amazing science and tech.

Advantages of making crafts:

  • Enhances creativity
  • Increases imaginative thinking
  • Fine motor skills

Collections of Crafts

I have categorized my collections and round ups of Crafts for kids into following categories.

  • Popsicle Stick Crafts
    A collection of more than 100+ Popsicle Stick Crafts for kids to do easily and with minimum resources. Build your own animals, or coasters or Photoframes or just learn numbers, alphabets. or build Popsicle stick shapes. Click here for endless list.
  • Shape Crafts – Kids DIY Paper Animals Crafts
    A fantastic Homeschooling activity of making around 20 DIY Animal crafts with simple colorful 2D Shapes cutouts of circles, triangles, rectangles and squares which can be easily done by kids. (Wild Animals, Farm Animals, Insects, Bugs, Birds)
  • Paper Crafts
    A huge collection of crafts right out of just and just paper.
  • Paper Crafts – Castles
    Imagine and build make woderful and colorful castles with cut and paste paper shapes and knit your story around it.
  • Paper Airplane Contests
    This has been the lastest interest of my 4 yr old. making airplane with almost every paper he will find and playing with it in house or on terrace or in the ground.
  • Cardboard Crafts
    100s of useful DIY crafts to be built with waste cardboards lying in the house.
  • Paper Plate Crafts
    It’s interesting that how a simple paper plate can be crafted into things of solar system or any animal on our planet. List of 100s of crafts with paper plates can be found here.
  • Painting / Drawing Competition
    Give your kids a challenge by competing with them in a drawing or painting competition. I am doing this currently with my son to fill in the absence of his classmates and keep up his spirits.
  • Baking (Mixing ingredients / Decorating them)
    Trust me kids love mixing and hence preparing a batter or moulding and baking interests them. If not anything at least one food item will be prepared.
  • Puppet shows / favorite story role plays
    Role plays and enacting characters of the stories not only builds their creativity but plays a very important role in boosting up their confidence, stage freight and in turn their personality.
  • Dancing / playing musical instruments
  • Practice Yoga or Aerobics/ Zumba for kids
    List of best Yoga Practice websites, free Yoga task cards and Yoga Games for kids to keep them occupied and regulate their energy to be calm and patient.
  • In house Camping
    It will be little less adventurous but trust me, kids will enjoy an in-house tent more. They can have fun with much more comfort and security. They will definitely have more fun in camping in the house.
  • Build a Fort
    If you remember the episode of the ever most favorite sitcom of FRIENDS, how Joey and Ross builds a fort out of carton boxes in Joey’s house. Trust me it’s fun. Kids are too good at imaginations. Give them this task of building a fort inside the house and see the fun they will have.
  • Online Classes
    List of 2020’s best online learning resources for bored kids. Online classes, educational games, coding classes, science videos, best youtube channels for kids.
  • Coding Classes
    Yes, there are now coding classes for kids too. Starting from 5 – 6 yr olds to 15 yr olds, there are online coding classes and editors for everyone who is interested. Right from logic skills to being a game developer, front-end languages to back-end languages, AI to Space Tech, everything can be learnt online now.

Select the one that suits and your kids most and enjoy your family time.

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An ex-ISRO Scientist, a math, music and art and craft teacher, a mentor, and now a mother to a toddler, exploring various avenues for a healthy life and happy family.