Best 25 Earth Day Activities

Earth Day

Earth Day is around the corner and at least in 2020 the whole planet experienced a stand still lockdown which no one ever expected to happen. But yet here we are. At the end of the day, nothing can fight nature, so its better to be in the good team and survive rather than to fight and lose. These difficult times today have taught everyone of us that, no amount of fame or money or power can fight nature.

So, this makes it more important for us adults to teach our kids importance of natural resources, recycling and saving our beautiful planet Earth.

So me and my son this time recycled a lot of waste paper, and made these Easter Eggs, small marbles shapes balls to play with, few fancy colorful bowls.

Hence, I have rounded up this huge list of freebies, activities and crafts for Earth Day for kids. Go through them and pick your favorites.

Earth Day Activities

Here's a list of Earth Day pick your favorite craft from.

Have fun and Save Planet.

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