Celebrity Maternity

Stay inspired and flaunt your pregnancy just as the pros of Hollywood on the red carpet. I would not be wrong to say that Angelina Jolie has so far managed to carry the maternity wear in the most amazing way a women can imagine.

Here are some of the rarest pics of Angelina Jolie while in her maternity days.

Angelina Jolie, pregnant and yet so elegant in her simple maternity wear with a belt to tie above the belly.

Again, an overcoat outfit with a belt to tie clubbed with a casual trousers and a plain white T.

So, this above pic is a proof that whether you are in maternity period or not, Black does a good job in making you look thin / skinny.

A rare photograph of the Jolie’s family outing when she was with Brad Pitt.

An decent and yet comfortable maternity wear which can make every mom’s life easier.

Oh yeah, the goddess is pregnant.

Taking care of the children and doing a mom’s job already.

Good choice of shoes to comfort feet and legs in pregnancy.

Lady rocking the red carpet.

A beautiful dress for the would be mom.

Gorgeous diva sporting a black again.

Isn’t she just pretty. She makes pregnancy look so desirable.

Black seems comfy to her.

A beautiful gown surely enhancing the beauty of the pregnancy.

Lady you are elegant.

Angelina enjoying a breezy attire.

An awesome combination of colors on the sexy gown.

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