So, today I gave my little Trayaksh (a.k.a Coco) these colourful cutouts of different basic shapes I had from my last year’s kids math craft’s workshop and asked him what does he want to make out of them? He answered – “a Castle”.

Our Castle

So, here we are with our glittery Castle using all kinds of basic shapes.

Using basic shapes these are some fun activities which we can make our toddlers do and unleash their creativity.

Trust me you will be surprised to see what they can do and what their little super minds are capable of. I was taken aback when my son asked to put clouds with cotton and when he asked me to put glue lines on the tower of the castle for decoration.

…and some more Castles

Here are few other imaginations of kids for castles just using basic shapes.

Pictures Credit:

Castle 1, Castle 2, Castle 3,Castle 4,Castle 5,Castle 6

Want to create you own?

Now, I have created these free downloadable printables which you may find interesting to try your hand at. The different shapes to be cut out are given in all the printables along with the templates which the kids will have to build.

1 – Animals with Shapes

You can go ahead and make some real cute animals with your little one.

The Animals with Shapes free printable can be downloaded here.

A step-by-step instruction for this particular Animal with Cut and Paste Shapes is available at this page.

Buy My Printable

2 – Transport Vehicles with Shapes

Or you can try to build some transport vehicles.

The Vehicles with Shapes printable pdf file is available here.

3 – Rocket with Shapes

Or how about an exciting Rocket using simple shapes.

The free printable Rocket with Shapes can be downloaded here.

Download Printable – Shape Craft Animal

I have created these “Cut and Paste Shape Craft Animals” printables which will help our kids to learn, recognise and analyse different colours and shapes.

Why we should use these printables?

It will help our kids to:

  • Learn colours
  • Learn all basic shapes
  • Learn about animals
  • Enhance their thinking capacity
  • Enhance their creativity
  • Build their cognitive skills
  • And above all children LOVE Cut and Paste activities.

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All The Best

So go ahead and have fun with your little one.

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