English Grammar Easily Explained

Oh! I still remember when we were introduced to the higher level of English Grammar in our school. We were so confused, terrified with learning the rules and everything.
But I still remember this one beautiful poem my English teacher made us learn when we were starting to bite our nails and fingers away.

This wonderful little poem made us all understand why there were “Parts of Speech” in the first place.

I personally LOVE this for making my school days easier, and here I am sharing with you all.

Parts of Speech – Poem

Every name is called a Noun,
As field or fountain, street or town.

In place of noun the Pronoun stands,
As he and she can clap their hands.

The Adjective describes a thing,
As magic wand or a bridal ring.

The Verb means action, something done,
As read and write and jump and run.

How things are done, Adverbs tell,
As quickly, slowly, badly well.

The Preposition shows relation,
As in the street or at the station.

Conjunctions join, in many ways,
Sentences, words or phrase and phrase.

The Interjection cries our, “Hark!
I need an exclamation mark!

So, share this poem among your peers and enjoy the subject.


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