Tricks to Memorize Math Tables – Mysterious 9

Memorizing mathematical tables blindly can be as tough as climbing mountains.

But there are some tricks and some methods using which you can memorize & understand the pattern and logic behind these math tables. Stay in touch, and keep yourself posted for more unconventional math Tricks and Logics.

Here, I want to share a secret of Table of Number 9. This particular table has lot of mysteries in it.

I was taught this magic by my Guru, but she ain’t a math teacher. She told us all this secret then and told us all that’s the number 9 is considered as a Divine number. And later I got to know few more hidden secrets of this particular table of 9 which I am gonna share with y’all.

An Easy Way

Well, lets see how to write this math table down. Here’s what we can write easily right!

It’s just all the multiplication facts of 9 from 1 to 10.

Now, write all the digits from 0 to 9 in ascending order and then write all the digits from 9 to 0 in descending order like this.

And there you are, with the 9 Table perfectly written within a second.

Some More Magic of 9

Thanks to the above video, if your further analyze, there is a pattern in these multiples of 9 shown above.

Want to find out what it is!!

Go on and observe the uniqueness in the following figure! Have you found out what I am talking about?

The digits of the first and last i.e. 10th multiple of 9 are just interchanged in their Places.

Now if you carefully observe this pattern repeats itself in the 2nd and the 9th multiple of 9 too with digits 8 and 1.

And then in 3rd and 8th multiple of 9 with the digits 2 and 7 this time.

Then again with digits 3 and 6…

And finally with digits 4 and 5.

Sixth multiple onwards, the multiples are just numbers with the interchanged digits of above 5 multiples.

Wait for it….

The magic hasn’t finished yet. There is more mystery to the Table of 9.

Now, just observe the following picture:

The sum of the digits of the first multiple is – ain’t the answer a 9?

Go on, and observe the rest…

So, by this can we deduce that the sum of digits of any product of 9 is always a 9. The answer to this can be found in this video of my MathMagic series down here.

So, ain’t the Table of 9 is a mysterious table. Yes, Math can be fun and enjoyable. That’s true.

Go ahead, and enjoy learning and teaching these tricks to your friends or your students.

Would love to know your opinions on this too.

Have some fun Math.

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