This fantastic EASY Peasy Craft has been done by my kids and students today on the occasion of Friendship Day.

Here’s what we gifted our friends today. Not just friendship bands but DIY Friendship Bracelets.

Made with simple Paper Rolls, and silk decorated with silk threads, they are highly pocket friendly but will definitely exploit our creativity to the maximum.

Materials Required:

Things you need to make this friendship Bracelet:

  • Paper Roll
  • Paper cutter / Knife
  • A pair of Scissors
  • Silk Embroidery threads
  • Or decorative washi tapes
  • Or poms poms/ beads
  • (and of course) Glue

Step 1: Cut along the roll in a straight line.

Step 2: Choose Width : Now using an adult’s supervision, and after taking all precautions slice this roll using a cutter very carefully.

Step 3: Your bracelet’s body is ready.

Step 4: Either you can decorate the bracelet with washi tapes/colorful duct tapes or choose silk threads to wrap around its body.

Step 5: Use glue whenever necessary to stick the threads on the cardboard paper.


Your DIY self made Friendship Bracelet is ready.

Hope your friend enjoy and admire it too.

Have a great Friendship Day.

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