Shape Crafts – Build Your Own Vehicles Puzzles

In these amazing activities, you can make your own Transportation Vehicles with simple basic shapes. An excellent craft for the Transportation Theme classes in Preschools or Kindergartens or for First or Second Graders.

Its absolutely a no preparation activity required activity.

What will you get?

  • The colorful cutouts.
  • A hint of how to build a transport vehicle.
  • The final result (vehicle)

Go ahead and browse through my collection of these Shape Vehicles.

& more…


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FARM Animals Shapes Crafts

Here’s a collection of all FARM Animals, you would not like to miss. This Collection of Building Farm Animals with nothing but just SHAPES.

Build your own Barnyard Cow, Pig, Horse, Duck, Chick, Rat, Dog or Cat.

  • No Preparation
  • Cut and Paste

Animals Shapes Art.

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Vehicles with SHAPES. Cut and Paste Puzzle Craft Activity. An excellent activity and a fun math center for Transportation theme for Preschools, Kindergarten, First or Second grade or Homeschool kids.

All Animals Shapes Crafts

Get all the animals Shapes Crafts with Activity Preparation Guide at this one place and save your time. Fantastic Craft for kids to play with and at the same time learning more and more about Shapes and flexing their Creative muscles of the brain.

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  • NO Preparation
  • Cut and Paste

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Download and have fun.

We would love to hear your experiences too.

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