Heart Puzzles – Alphabets & Numbers

Download 26 English Alphabets Heart Puzzles & 20 Numbers Heart Puzzles here. Avaliable in both Color and Black & White, the puzzles comes in 2 following versions.

2 versions:

  • English Alphabets (Upper Case & Lower Case)

(Match English Upper Case Alphabets to their corresponding Lower Case Alphabets and their Initial sound Objects )

  • Numbers (1-20)

(Identify and Match the Digit/Numbers to its Number Name and to the Count of colored boxes.)

Matching puzzle pieces of Numbers, Numbers Names and Counting Activity & English Alphabets version with the Initial Sound Objects.


Absolutely None

  • Download & Print
  • Lamination (Optional)
  • Cut out the puzzle cards and then into pieces (along the dotted lines)

You are all set.


You can download the Full Complete versions of Alphabets and Numbers (1-20) from my TeachersPayTeachers Store by clicking the button below

or get the FREE Numbers Only (1-10) version by clicking the button below

Download and have fun.

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