FREE Christmas Symbols Tracing & their Meanings

An 18 page Tracing activity for young toddlers & preschoolers understand and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

The 21 pages of Christmas objects tracing not only enhances the fine motor skills and creative skills of the child but also gives a whole new meaning & symbolism to the elements of Christmas.

This activity also makes the child understand that the traditions which are taught and which are passed on to the younger generations always have some meaning attached to them.

Kids can Trace these objects, Color them, Decorate them with the help of available resources.

Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree always points to the Heaven (abode of God) to remind us the ultimate goal.

i.e whatever things we do, however we do, God is there witnessing everything and it is to Him that we need to answer in the End.


A Christmas Wreath is to remind us that God’s Love never ends, just like this “never ending” circle of the Christmas Wreath.


A Star is the most important aspect of Christmas.

The Star shines to guide us in the right path (path of Righteousness) just like it did for the 3 wise men.


The light always helps us see clearly. It helps us choose the right path, right direction and avoid dangers.

A Candle means light. We thus light a candle in front of God, to enlighten us form the Darkness around us.

Gingerbread Cookie

Gingerbread cookies in Christmas are a delight to eat because of their well balanced mix of all spices deliciously brought together. And as a boon, the consumption of the ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and the spices in it are good for health in the chillness of the winter.

A gingerbread cookie reminds us the Spicy Sweet taste and Warmth of life.


The holly brings beautiful colors of Joy to our festivities.

The Holly is to remind us that the poison can also be beautiful and bright, so don’t judge anything just by the look of it.

Candy Cane

Candy Cane is the delicacy of Christmas to fill our mouths with sweetness of sugar.

The Candy Cane is shaped like a Shepherd’s Staff, reminding us that Jesus is our Shepherd.

One may also symbolize Candy Canes as to remind us to always speak sweetly.


Not only in Christianity, but in many parts of the world ringing bells and making sounds is very important part of many religious practices. Some also say that the tintinnabulation (i.e. ringing sound of the bells) ward off the negativity and the evil spirits. Some say the sounds bring Joy. Some say its to announce the celebrations.

The Bells ring to celebrate and announce the arrival of Lord to the world.


And if you want to spread the Joy around you, what else can be a better way other than giving Gifts to your loved ones.

The Gifts remind us that Present is the Gift and remind us to be happy and cheerful about it.


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Enjoy the vacation.

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