Place Value Mystery Cards – Halloween Themed

A fantastic math center activity for kids from Class 1 onwards.

Clues will be given in a table. And take multiple print outs of the Mystery Cards to be solved. The same can be applied to more than Mystery Cards.Children has to solve the clues given in the table in order to get the MYSTERY Halloween picture.

A fun and curious activity to pose the children with some Math Challenges.

The Mystery Cards solutions include :

  • Bat
  • Pumpkin
  • Ghost
  • Broomstick
  • Cauldron

The clues include:

  • Before & After Numbers
  • Above & Below Numbers
  • Hints
  • Spike Abacus
  • 10s Place & 1s Place Digits
  • Rods and Blocks


You can visit and download it at my TeachersPayTeachers Store

or go directly to Halloween Place Value Mystery Cards Activity here

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