Popsicle Stick Numbers

Today me and my son had a fun activity of making numbers with popsicle sticks. This activity can also help children in learning the digital formation of numbers.

One can extend this activity to form alphabets as well.

Children can do this fun project and can also learn how just with 7 straight lines all the english alphabets and all the numbers in the world can be made.


I have also created these Number Building FLASH CARDS / Task Cards.

Step 1– Get these Flash Cards here and get Creative with Popsicle Sticks. Or you can download the FREE printable.

Step 2– You can them printed and cut the Task Cards out.

Step 3– You can ask your kids to form the number now on a smooth surface.

Note: The formation of the digits 2 and 5 can be a bit confusing for little kids. An adult’s assistance may be required.

Have a great day!

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