Hand Clapping Game – A little trip down the memory lane…

Today my little son, asked what I used to play in my childhood days..and when I looked back in my childhood days I found this game which we used to play very often. And I am sure any girl who is born in India would definitely have played this game at some point of her life. It had this long recitation of a poem (rather rap for small girls, lol 🙂 ) while clapping hands in the rhythmic fashion alternately with each other, which is mentioned down here:-

Aao Milo Shilo Shalo

It goes like this…

Aao milo…(clap clap clap)

Shilo Shalo…(clap clap clap)

Kacha Dhaaga…(clap clap clap)

Race Lagaalo…(clap clap clap)

Now in faster pace

Aao Milo,

Shilo Shalo

Kacha Dhaaga

Race Lagaalo

Dus Patte Toda

Ek Patta Kacha

Hiran ka bacha

Bacha Gaya Paani Me

Pakda Uski Naani Ne

Nani Gayi London

London Se Layi Kangan

Kangan Gaye Toot

Naani Gayi Rooth

Nani Ko Manayenge

Rasmalai Khayenge

Rasmalai Achi

Humne Khayi Machi

Machi Me Kaanta

Tera Mera Chaanta

Chaanta Bade Zor Se

Humne Khaye Samose

Samose Bade Ache

Nanaji Namaste.

I am sure there might be many different versions of the same song which everyone can relate to. I myself had learned some 2-3 versions of this, but this is all I remember now.
Hope you also got a chance to travel down the memory lane as I did.

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