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I love collecting and reading quotations whether inspirational, motivational or knowledgable. And I have made a habit of writing down these quotes and sayings on the bookmarks.

Now here are some Quotes of SUCCESS which I have been collecting so far.

So let’s begin with BEGIN.

“You will never Win, if you will never BEGIN.”

Don’t sit and wait for some miracle to happen. Universe can also help only those who help themselves.

What you should do? – Do something. Anything. Then only results will appear.

What you should not do? – Don’t just sit and wait doing nothing.

“Life is a sum of all Your Choices.”

As the law of attraction specifies, you get what you wish. It’s your choices of energies only which are right now present in your life. Be positive and feel positive. You can alter your life by your choices.

What you should do? – Think, do and be positive. Keep positive company. Create the energies around you only which can help you in achieving your goals.

What you should not do? – Remove all sorts of distractions and negativity around you. Don’t choose the company of the people who might be anchor you and not let you achieve your goals.

“When you don’t know where you are going, distractions looks like opportunities.”

It’s important to have a goal in life. That helps to create a focus in life. Now this may not be running a marathon, getting an olympic gold or building a house in Hollywood. But let me give example; a mother’s goal can be that she has to able to feed her children and provide a shelter to them. A father’s goal can be to provide the necessary funds to the family and be able to participate in their children’s life. A security guard’s goal can be to safeguard the bank or his master’s house when he is on duty.

What you should do? – So, the goals can be anything, everything. But it has to be something. You just have to realize it and work FOR IT.

What you should not do? – Don’t deviate from your goal, however small it is.

“Surround yourself with people who you want to be and not how you want to feel. Energies are contagious.”

So, again the law of attraction comes into play. Everyone who has attended school, knows about Potential and Kinetic Energies. It’s a fact. So, when you speak, you have released words into air. Its energy. So that next person can hear it. Same applies to your thoughts as well.

What you should do? – Surround yourself with the right people and same kind of energies you wish for. Those energies will help you to manifest your wish.

What you should not do?– Don’t contaminate your surrounding energies with negativity or with the people who doesn’t have the same mindset as you do. They may prove to be nothing but an anchor.

“This silence, this moment, every moment, if it’s genuinely inside you, brings what you need. Live in silence.”

That is how, this universe works. That is how the law of manifestation works.

What you should do? – Let the universe understand what’s inside you. Ignore negative thoughts. Build on positive vibes.

What you should not do? – Don’t complain/ criticize. Don’t give up. Don’t allow negativity around you anywhere.

“You show your worth by what you seek.”

Wouldn’t that be true! You will achieve what you seek. And once you possess it, you can show the world that you are worth it. Let’s take an example of a classroom for a more clear understanding on this. Let’s say in a class of 10 students, 1 boy is very good in Math. His friends will then automatically look upto him with appreciation for his clarity in the concepts. Teachers will have a liking towards this boy as he understands their teachings and does what he is taught. His parents and his friends parents will appreciate his efforts and set him as an example for their other kids.

So, in this above example what the little boy is doing. – Seeking clarity in concepts of math. Understanding the fundamentals probably. And what is happening around him – People are realizing his importance, his need to be present around them. That’s the worth I am talking about.

What you should do? – Aim for the maximum or at least more than what you want.

What you should not do? – Don’t compromise with your set goals.

“Be quiet so that life may speak.”

“Be quiet” here means don’t contaminate the energies around you by talking unnecessary unwanted things or chit-chatting. The energies around you should comprise only of positive and good thoughts so that you could achieve what you are intending to.

What you should do? – Think, talk, do and be positive and good and only the necessary stuff. Keep good company around you. Let universe understand you and your wants and wishes.

What you should not do? – Don’t talk negative, unwanted or bad mouth anything or any person. Don’t complain or criticize. Remove all sorts of negativity, anger, frustration around you.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.”

This also means overcome your fears. Don’t let your fears limit your potential. Face your fears and then you can achieve everything.

What you should do? – Dream big and far without any hesitation. And before you know it you will achieve it.

What you should not do? – Again don’t be afraid of anything and don’t compromise with your set goals.

“I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you would never would have moved.”

– Universe

Ain’t this a truth and the proof that universe helps us manifest what we want.

What you should do? – Set goals and believe in them. Be persistent and leave no stone unturned to achieve it. Work for your results.

What you should not do? – Don’t compromise with your set goals. Don’t dishearten. And don’t sit and wait for results.

“I refuse to be anything but successful.”

What you should do? – Set your goals and believe in them. Persistence and determination is the key to show the universe how much you want your goals.

What you should not do? – Don’t compromise with your set goals. And don’t settle for anything less than your fixed goal.

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