Easter Egg Decoration- Play Dough Playmats

Today, I did this activity with my little toddler. This activity is very interesting very colourful and very easy to make at home. It only requires an egg shaped paper and Play-Dohs, Fun-Dough, or home made colourful Play Doughs.

All kids get excited when they get to play with clay. So, I thought why not we combine both these activities together and make it double fun Easter activity.

This can be a good Easter Party game too.

What is this activity about?

This activity is about decorating an Easter Egg on a paper with bright colored Play Dohs strings and balls.

In this activity a coloured sheet of paper is cut in the shape of an egg and will be given to the kids. Now the kids are required to decorate these eggs with different colored PlayDohs as they wish.They can roll the PlayDohs and make cylindrical strings out of it. Now thesestrings can be used to decorate the egg in many many different ways as per the child’s wish. Or he/she can make some doh balls and decorate their eggs with them.

What do you require for this?

How to do this activity?

Step 1: Make an Egg

Option 1: For this you can take a plain colored sheet and cut it in the shape of an egg. For this you can download the egg shape for free from here.

Option 2: Or you can opt for simply download the big colored Easter Egg printable here and go ahead.

Step 2: Taking out the egg

Option 1: In case you are using your own colored paper as I did for the egg, do the following:

  1. Fold your paper into half with the back side of the paper facing you as shown.
  2. Using a pencil, draw the shape of half egg starting from the folded side, as shown.

Once you are satisfied with your shape, you can just cut the egg out using a pair of scissors.

Option 2: Take print of these printable bundle or just the pages of eggs of your chosen colors. You can now simply cut the colored eggs from your print outs.

Step 3: Decorating the egg.

Once you have cut out the egg, you can give it to the kids along with some colorful PlayDohs/Clay and PlayDoh rolling pin and PlayDoh knives.

You can also show a reference of the completed and decorated egg to the kids to give them some idea to begin with.


You can get some awesome inspirations from here.

Easter Egg Playmats

Now, here are some Easter Egg Playmats which you can just go ahead and easily download.

  • Choose your favorite designs and Download
  • Take a print.
  • Laminate the sheet.
  • Give it your children along with colorful Play Doughs.

Trust me you will be amazed to see their creativity with this activity.

Download All COLORED Background Eggs

Download Free Printable here

Easter Egg- Play Dough Playmats

Hope you enjoy doing this activity with your little ones. We would love to hear your experiences and suggestions on the comments section below. Have a great time.

Happy Easter.

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