Adding to the Shape Sorting Puzzle Activity of my store, today I have created this Penguin Shapes Sorting just like my previous Frog, Chicken, Reindeer and Snowman Shapes Sorting activities.

On the theme of Penguins, kids gonna surely love making them in different shapes.

What it consists?

So, I have made 10 different shapes using a Reindeer here viz.:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Triangle
  • Diamond
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Trapezoid / Trapezium
  • Star
  • Heart

Here’s a snapshot of how the Activity actually looks like.


Step 1 – Make sure you have software to open a pdf file in your system and download this Activity sheet here.

Step 2 – Get it printed. Would be great if you can get a color prints of it.

Step 3 – Lamination is preferable for its durability in case if you want to re-use the pieces.

Step 4 – As directed in the sheet, the faces of the Penguin given in the second half of the sheet are to be cut.

Step 5 – Now ask your kids to find and match the cut pieces to their respective shapes and complete the Penguin figures. 


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You may also like to check out this bundle which is a 6 Day Unit Plan for thoroughly understanding the shapes and mastering and learning all about the topic of Shapes. The kids will love this “Learn By Doing” approach.

In these sheets kids have to do matching and sorting, sometimes using colors sometimes through a cut and paste activity.

The Bundle includes a

  • A Teachers Guide
  • Lesson and Activity for 6 Days (D1L1, D1A1, D2L2,D2A2…..D6L6,D6A6)
  • Answers

The lesson plan in the Teacher’s guide is just a reference. It is to be noted that the teacher can change and group the lessons and the activities together however he/she wishes, depending on their kids’ interests and needs.

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Hope you have fun with this Activity of Shapes here.

Would love to hear from you more.
Have a good day.