Making a Cootie Catcher or a Fortune Teller and playing with it is a simple and absolutely no prep activity which kids usually adore. The excitement of unknown, the tasks one will land on keep this activity always interesting and curious. As a child, I always enjoyed making and playing with Fortune Tellers.

Fortune Teller do not have to be limited to fortune telling. They can be for some Jokes or Tasks. It can be a good Truth and Dare Tasks List as well. Here is an example of tasks of a fortune teller.

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All you need a simple sheet of Square Paper to make this.

Follow these steps to make a Fortune Teller Craft or a Cootie Catcher.

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Now when you go a step ahead, and join any 2 walls of a paper fortune teller and repeat the same with the other set too, you will have a Cootie Catcher with only one opening.


Download Bunny Rabbit Cootie Catchers in 4 different colors + 1 Template to Color by clicking on the button below

Or you might also would like to download this Bundle of 3 different Animals Cootie Catchers in 6 different colored versions along with their B&W versions.

Download and enjoy.