Tracing is always fun for toddlers who are being introduced first time to the world of writing with pencils, erasers and colorful markers. Its amazing to see how much they are amazed by themselves when they successfully draw lines on paper for first time.

This activity have 4 sheets of different line patterns which bunnies and chicks follow to collect their eggs and carrots.

Kids love to provide solution and show the way to their favorite characters.

What will you get?

This bundle of Easter themed printables consists of 4 printables of tracing different line patterns with lovely bunnies and chicks. And not only tracing but in these sheets a child can count and trace too with no special training. This could be his/her first way to experience counting and introduction to math.

What do you require?

  • Adobe PDF reader
  • A color printer & A4 Sheets.
  • A marker/pencil.


  • Improves grasping ability
  • Introduces Numbers in a fun way
  • Counting skills

A fun way to bring kids into Easter spirit with such activities so that they can relate more with the celebrations.

Buy my Printable

or you can Buy the entire bundle of Preschoolers Tracing here

Hope you enjoy this activity with your kids.

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