This fun activity has a set of 10 different eggs of different colors. The eggs printable can be downloaded freely from here.

What this consists of ?

All the eggs in this printable are of differently colored and differently joined pieces. It makes the kids to think and analyse and develop their congnitive skills.

  • Page 1
  • Page 2
  • Page 3
  • Page 4
  • Page 5

What you require?

  • A Color Printer
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A tray/basket/big bowl.
  • A folder (later to store them)

How to use it?

After downloading the file,

Step 1 – Using a scissors you can cut the two halves of the egg pieces as shown in the picture on page 1 of the printable.

Step 2– Cut along the given line for all the eggs.

Step 3 – Now, jumble all the pieces together and place them in a tray or a big bowl/basket.

Step 4 – Now you can ask the kids to match the respective puzzle pieces together and form the complete egg.


  • Kids develop the color sense.
  • Kids always love to match puzzle pieces together.
  • Develops their cognitive skills.
  • Develops a shape understanding sense too.
  • Kids relate to this food easily.
  • Easily affordable at absolutely NO COST.

Download here

You can download this free printable here.

Download This Printable

Hope you have fun as I did with my son with this fun filled activity.


And share your experiences here.

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