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Cut and Paste Shape Craft – Monkey Puzzle

Shape’s craft Puzzle activity is a fun way of introducing shapes to kids. Its a no-prep activity. Just by using this template and a pair of scissors, children can build their own animals using variety of shapes. Overlaying the shapes on one another or beside each other can result in a variety of amazing figures. With this DIY not only they understand shapes but also differentiate among variety of shapes and hence developing their cognitive and analytical skills.

Easter Fun Activities – Tracing and Colouring FREE Printables

Wondering how to involve your tiny little ones in the Easter spirit. Just go ahead and download this free Easter Pack of Tracing & Colouring Printables for tots, toddlers & preschoolers. Connecting the dots is the first favourite activity on paper for any toddler. They just enjoy connecting the dots, tracing images and above all colouring them. After all, that is how a human being learns things initially, by seeing and following.