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Here, are some beautiful, Inspirational Quotes to keep ourselves motivated. Here is a collection of 8 such quotations in 2 versions:

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Quote 1

Use Your Smile to Change the World, Don’t let the World Change Your Smile.

This quote touched my heart as soon as I read it. How wonderful the world would be if everyone start following this. I wonder!

Quote 2

The Distance between Your Dreams and Reality is called Action.

On this principle based is the Law of Attraction. When you have a determined focus on your goal, that becomes your dream. And all you are require to do is take steps to achieve it.

Never worry about the direction you are going in. The universe will take care of it. The universe which is nothing but energies around you, will propel in the direction of your goal. BUT you have to move your BUTT. You have to put all of your efforts.

Quote 3

You can do more than think.

This is always true. No one can ever know or gauge their own potential. It’s of course with the help of circumstances and efforts being put, one can achieve something.

Do not ever limit your potential or limit your doings.

Quote 4

Stop Thinking Start Doing.

A perfect quotation to put a stop to laziness & bring you back from the la la land.

Quote 5

The Best View comes after the Hardest Climb.

Isn’t that true! I know all hikers and climbers out there would agree with me on this point.

And this is applicable in life also of course. If you want the best, you have to work and work and work.

Degree of Effort in Working = Degree of “Best(ness)” of the Result

Simple formula!! 🙂

Quote 6

Shine like the Stars

A perfect quotation to remind yourself how high and bright you have to aim.

Aim big to Do big.

Quote 7

The more you learn, the more you earn.

Whether business, or studies or Graduates or Doctorates, it applies to all.

Another simple equation of life.

The more you LEARN = the more your EARN

Quote 8

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.

Except for some exceptional wins, it will mostly be correct to say that every winner would have dreamt his/her win someday. But dreams tend to carry us into a world or our own imagination and fantasies.

Now to actually win a real world, one of course needs to wake up from his dream, and put efforts to achieve it. Those who has put efforts and never gives up wins the cup. Those who feel lazy to put efforts and stay happy in their dream world, will of course lose the winning cups.

Just go ahead and download them for free and be inspired.

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